4 Sex Toy Secrets You Never Knew Before – How To Buy Your First Toy

Buying a sex toy can be quite overwhelming, often like going on a first date. This is the first time you are going to meet your new toy, no matter whether it is online or offline. You are excited as well as a bit nervous. You are thinking about how you can find the right thing for you. Well, honestly, for your first sex toy, my dear, there is nothing right or wrong. You are new and about to take the plunge into the ocean of pleasure. Do you really want to waste time thinking about whether you should do it or not?

There are many online adult toy stores like Good Vibe Sex Toys that can offer you a huge collection of different types of sex toys. When you are choosing from the collection of vibrators, bullets, eggs, and dildos, it is obvious that you will be confused and overwhelmed. Hence, you need to know about the four most important sex toy secrets that will help you shop safely and better. Take a look.

Checking Body Safe Labels

When you are buying your first sex toy, you need to know about body-safe material and why that is important for your sex toys. Body-safe materials include non-porous materials like metal, silicon, or glass. When you are using your toys, you are generally using them on your intimate areas of the body. These toys also go inside the body too. The porous surface can let any toxic thing inside the toy. Now, when you insert the toy in your vagina or touch against your private areas, this toxic element can go inside your body creating reactions and side effects. So, when you are buying the best sex toys for women or men, you need to check the body safe label of the toy.

Take Time for Research

Unlike buying a new dress or a piece of a designer bag, buying sex toys will need a lot of research. It is not just about how it looks and what it is made of. It is more about what it is supposed to do and how you feel about it. There are hundreds of sensations that you can find pleasurable. And there are numerous toys for each of those sensations and stimulations. But what will be suitable for you? Well, the research is meant to solve this puzzle for you. Using sex toys for the first time often is like a revelation. You are getting acquainted with your body and its pleasure in a new way. So, for that, you need to do the research. If you are looking for clitoral stimulation, then you should go for bullet vibrators or wands. For vaginal stimulation, dildos will be your best option. To pleasure the G spot, you can get a special G spot dildo with a tilted head. If you need vaginal and clitoral stimulation all at once, then you can go for a rabbit vibrator. For exploring your anal pleasure, go for butt plugs. And if you are exploring and yet to know what you are looking for, you and your partner should go for sex toy kits for couples.

It Can or Cannot Look like a Dick

 For some women or men, the sight of a penis is a perfect aphrodisiac. But for many, it is not the same. Your pleasure might not depend on the fact that the toy you are using looks like a penis or not. If you are looking for something realistic, there are many real-life-like dildos available. But if you are not particular about it, then you have a plethora of choices. There are many dildos that come in bright colors and yet can give you even more pleasure than a man. So, don’t just focus on the looks.

Get a Good Lube

This is where many get it wrong. While you are spending some time with your partner, you get the foreplay, or dirty talk, or even the mere undressing which can make you all ready for the romp. But when you are using sex toys, it is mostly your imagination, the setting, and perhaps porn. Also, the toy won’t be similar to the body’s genitalia. Hence, if you want to minimize friction and enjoy more, you need to get your hands on a good lube. Sex toy stores offer you lubes that will help you enjoy immense pleasure.

So, now as you know about these sex toy secrets what are you waiting for? So, follow these ideas and take the plunge.