The Art Of Dressing Your Adult Sexdoll

Dressing your sex doll is definitely a plus to owning it. You have the opportunity of picking the clothing that would be suitable for you both. Just perfect for turning you on and making the sex experience pleasurable. It’s a major flex that you should ensure to enjoy. It’ll be nice to accentuate the adult sexdoll figure. Clothing definitely do wonders in that department.

Basics of dressing your adult dolls

There are a few essentials to be considered when dressing the sex doll. It’s necessary to do it the right way to avoid any mistakes. You wouldn’t want to ruin the love doll material with your choice of clothing. Hence, the need to consider the basics. These are a few that tops the list;

  • The body size of the realistic sex doll: When picking a dress for your sex doll it’s important to note the size. This can be found in the user guide or you’ll need to get a measuring tape to do it yourself. It’s important to get it right when doing the measurement yourself. This way you can get the perfect size of clothing for the adult sex doll.
  • The kind of fabric: Fabrics vary and some may cause damage to the sex doll. It’s necessary to pick the right kind for the adult sex doll. You’ll find fabrics like spandex, cotton, wool, and even silk which are best suited for the adult doll. They are perfect for any sex doll ranging from cheap ones to expensive adult dolls. Always stick fabrics that are good for your adult sex doll.
  • Color of clothing: Dark colors tend to leave stains on the adult sex doll material. It’s important to just stick with light colors that don’t leach. This way you’ll avoid ruining the surface of the material. If you prefer dark colors, ensure to wash it first. This way you can determine if it leaches.

The fashion aspect of dressing your adult sex dolls

This is the part where you get to play dress up with the adult sex doll. It’s important to pick clothings that show up the size of her boobs. This can be a major turn-on and spice up sex with the adult sex doll. Let’s find out more on dressing the adult love doll;

  • Clothing weight and size: Ensure to pick on light weighted clothes during your shopping. If you store your adult sex doll in heavy clothing it would damage the surface of the adult sex doll. For clothing size it’s important to get those that are slightly bigger than the normal size. This is because tight clothes can also ruin the material of the adult doll.
  • Style of dress up: This is up to you, all you need do is allow your imaginations direct you. It’s a fine way to dress up the adult sex doll to fit with a desired personality.
  • Don’t forget accessories, shoes, and other necessities

Dressing up the adult love doll is definitely worth it. The process will be a tad bit easier now. All you need to do is follow the listed instructions. Now it’s time to dress up the adult sex doll!